The Mountain Gym – Work Out of Day. WOD

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Partner WOD.

One Partner Doing Hang/Hold while other Partner performs AMRAP of movement.


Bar Hang

Amrap Power Cleans 115/75

2 Minute Rest

5Min Amrap

Plank Hold

Amrap Burpees

2 Minute Rest

5 Min Amrap

Plates Hold 35/25 (in each hand)

Amrap Double Unders

Score is Power Cleans, Burpees, and Double Under Reps.
Only 1 Athlete doing moving work, at 1 time, while partner is in hang/hold.If athlete drops or comes out of hold/hang you must switch places with partner, throughout each 5min AMRAP. You may NOT perform reps, if your partner isn’t in HOLD or HANG.

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