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Seth Kelson
Seth KelsonOwner - PT, DPT
Seth lives in Midway, UT with his Wife Camie and 4 kids. Owns a multi practice physical therapy in American Fork and Orem, Utah. Seth oversees The Mountain Gym programs and provides additional education on maintaining healthy muscles, joints, and ligaments. Functional Movement Screening and SFMA certified.
Austin McFee
Austin McFeeOwner/Trainer - CF-L1
Austin lives in Midway, Utah with his wife Megan and 3 kids. He started CrossFit to train for a 95 mile USRA desert race on his dirt bike. After seeing incredible results with strength and endurance after just a month, he was hooked. Now he trains to stay physically and functionally fit for all his outdoor passions and everyday tasks. Loves cleans and can double under for a year straight.
Megan McFee
Megan McFeeOwner/Trainer - CF-L1, CF-L2
Megan is our head trainer. She has a CF-L2 cert and an ISSA fitness nutrition certification. She’s a badass mom of 3 and runs the daily operations at The Mountain Gym. Her passion for CrossFit is contagious and she’s always wanting to help everyone in the gym and out. She started in 2013 and has excelled ever since. Any Nutrition, programming, or any question about the gym she would love to help.
Carli Latimer
Carli LatimerTrainer - CF-L1
Carli lives in Heber City, Utah and is our veteran trainer. Complete powerhouse and motivated beyond human comprehension. Loves the outdoors and biking trails. She trains our 5:30AM and 6:30AM classes.
Brighton Parker
Brighton ParkerTrainer - CF-L1
Brighton “Bright” is your model CrossFitter. This guy trains hard sometimes twice a day. He’s determined to have every athlete in the gym succeed and puts in the one-on-one time when the members need it. He trains at the 6:00PM and 7:00PM classes.


  • Daily Programmed Workouts

  • Unlimited access to CrossFit classes

  • Our trainers can modify any workout to better fit your needs and help you to do these movements correctly, safely, and efficiently.

  • CrossFit Level One Trainers teach each class.

  • CrossFit programs are for everyone, at any level of fitness

  • Preparing people for not only the unknown but for the unknowable.

  • Safety in practicing functional movements

  • Cardio & Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy.

  • We offer a dance fitness workout class from WerQ certified trainers.

  • Helps keep that cardio fun and get you moving.

  • Upbeat & high energy atmosphere

  • Boost Memory, Improves Mood, Reduces Stress, Strengthens your heart, improves balance, increases energy.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of athlete and achive your fitness goals