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Get Started With CrossFit

To make sure your transition into our group sessions goes smoothly please contact us to set up an appointment for your first visit to the gym for a fundamentals session. In the Fundamental session we will go over the basic movements and proper modifications for your exercises. Don’t worry, we will guide you through this. Our goal is to establish knowledge of the CrossFit movements as well as how our gym operates. We typically hold those when filled on Tuesday – Thursday at one of our 7pm classes. Please text James at 435-709-6993 and he can fit you in.  

Once you’ve taken a fundamentals class, all of your workouts are programmed daily by certified trainers.  There will be a minimum of one trainer at each session to coach you and motivate you through your workouts, correct form, technique, and maintain intensity. Can’t do a pull up? Who cares, we couldn’t do them either when we first began!  We will show you how to properly progress from your current level of fitness to where you want to be. 

We believe that you will become better at everything in life by working out consistently and following the program. We are excited to get started with you!

Come try it out! Your first workout is on us!

To get started, click here to sign in to an upcoming class.